Analysis of Online Data

Our main keywords

analytical work, planning, information support, analytical research, analytical department, analytical reference.

Statement of the problem

The effectiveness of economic analysis largely depends on its well-thought-out organization. In this case, the organization of analysis is a concept that exists in two versions: first, the organization of the analytical service as a separate structural unit of analysis; secondly,
organization of analytical work carried out in the process of analysis.

Analytical work can be carried out centrally by an independent structural unit or decentralized in each structural unit according to the range of issues related to its functions. As practice shows, domestic corporations apply a mixed principle of organization of analytical work, which consists in a single methodological guidance and generalization of results at the highest level of management activity of the corporation.

Analytical processing of information and preparation of conclusions and options for management decisions is the responsibility of all departments of the corporation. Since the main task of organizing analytical work in corporations is to achieve the goal in the shortest possible time with the best use of available resources, this actualizes the study of its principles and stages, such as planning, information and software, generalization of results.

Today there is neither a regulated approach to the organization of analytical work, nor clearly defined principles of its implementation within a particular unit.

The purpose of the study is to analyze the principles and main stages of the organization of analytical work in corporations.

Results of the study

Analytical work is understood as a system of elements and methods used on the basis of constancy, objectivity and historical approach in the process of analyzing the activities of corporations.

From another point of view, analytical activity is interpreted as a systematic management function, which is implemented by a special professional unit in the management center – an expert-analytical service or a department of analytical strategic planning with complex functions.